Our Warm LED Technology

Our Warm LED is FDA Approved and 100% safe. There is absolutely no pain, no side effects and no down time. It simply activates the same natural body processes used when you diet and exercise. It also improves the skin’s elasticity and appearance. Below is an illustration of how it works.

visual depiction of layer of fat under skin

Warm light opens Fat Pores

Light passes painlessly through the skin layer into the fat Layer. Here the cells respond by releasing the fat through their pores. This is the identical process your body would undergo naturally after a period of 2 weeks of diet and heavy exercise.

Fat Cells Drain their Contents

The released fat is then drained from the cells resulting in an immediate reduction in the Fat Layer. This is how we deliver immediate, measurable results across the entire treatment area. Our clients lose an average of 6 inches in 40 minutes through this process.

visual depiction of layer of fat under skin