3D Avanced Imaging Precision

3D Imaging Workstation

See Your Results With State-Of-The-Art Precision And Accuracy. Delivering precision optics for high-resolution 3D images. Allows you to visualize your body in 3D before and after you full Journey, so you can see your body’s transformation. The 3D Imaging Workstation uses 5 poses for 10 high resolution photos that combine to recreate the surface of your skin with laser precision. The surface map is so precise that it shows every change in the appearance of your skin, especially cellulite.


Overlap Superimposed Imaging

Allows you to see your first photo’s shadow image superimposed over your most recent photo to show you your body’s true transformation from your first to your last treatment. Visually see the dramatic change of your body though out your UltraSlim Journey.

Precision Measuring documenting your loss through out your Journey

Our technicians will take Vectra 3D imaging photos before and after each treatment to show you the precise number of inches you have lost at 14 cross sections across your treated areas. These pictures will also document the additional inches lost between treatments as your body will continue to lose fat for 24-72 hours after each treatment. The average client loses an additional 1.5″ between treatments.