Banish Ugly Chin & Neck Fat. For both Men & Women

We understand that fat around the neck and underneath the chin, can make you feel extremely self conscious. Our clients tell us that this is the best decision that they ever made to improve their self-esteem. Many people suffer needlessly for years because they thought their only option was a surgical, Invasive procedure, that comes with pain, recovery time and potential side effects. You now have a much safer more reasonable alternative, Warm LED technology. Because neck and chin fat respond so quickly to our Warm LED technology, it makes it the ideal choice for removing neck and chin fat. It is a completely non-invasive, painless procedure, extremely effective for both men and women.

Tightens Skin as it Removes Fat

Not only can our Warm LED technology remove the unsightly fat from your chin and neck, but it can also add new collagen and elasticity to your skin. This combination of fat loss and skin tightening can result in a more youthful appearance. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and lighten scars or dark spots on your neck. Our clients say it makes them feel 10 years younger. It can provide you with a new level of self confidence that can be life changing.


The Warm LED Experience

The Warm LED Chin Fat Reduction experience is similar to sitting under a heat lamp. There is no pain at all, just a warm feeling like you experience when you are laying on a beach soaking up the sun. The light is positioned within a few inches from your chin and neck area and never comes in contact with your skin. You will feel extremely relaxed, listening to your favorite music. Once your treatment is complete, you can immediately go out for a run or straight to the gym or just carry on with your normal daily activities.

Client Before & After Pictures

Precision 3D Photography
Track Your Progress After Each Session

At Body Beautiful Miami, we utilize 3D digital with the highest level of precision in the Industry to make our results 100% transparent to our clients. Prior to the start of each session we utilize a state of the art Vectra 3D Camera to take a 3D photo of your face and neck. Once your treatment session is complete, we will take another 3D photo and the Vectra precision imaging software will overlay your before and after pictures to show you exactly how much fat was removed. You will also receive a detailed emailed report showing your progress across each session and across every session along your journey.