Your Trouble Areas Are Our Specialty

Our Ultra-Body spot treatments focus entirely on a single trouble area, rather than treating multiple body areas, as we do in our Full Ultra-Body Slimming treatment. This means that we can dedicate twice the treatment time to your trouble spot and achieve more dramatic results. Treatments take half the time as a Full Body treatment, which means it is half the price. If all you need to target is a single spot, this is the most efficient and cost effective treatment we offer.

Warm LED Ultra-Body treatments are particularly effective on stomach fat, chest fat and love handles. And because we believe in full transparency, we use state of the art precision 3D photography to show you precision measurements after each session. We are the only technology that can produce immediate fat loss. With ZERO side effects and NO Pain, Warm LED removes more fat than other leading fat removal technologies and is the only device that can be used as often as you want, to get the results you want!

Results so consistently effective, for both Men and Women of all body types, that we can confidently GUARANTEE results! If you don’t lose at least 2 inches of fat across your treatment area on your first Ultra-Body Slimming treatment, your treatment is FREE!

Chest Fat

You aren’t alone, chest fat is one of the most common areas of concern for men. Whether it is genetic or a result of weight gain, male chest fat has proven to be one of the most responsive types of fat to Warm LED. And the Warm LED Ultra-Body technology can tighten your skin as it removes fat. You can see significant progress on your imaging after each treatment. Many of our clients tell us that they have been self conscious about their chest fat for most of their lives and they can’t believe it was this easy to address.

Stomach Fat

Stomach Fat

We all want those washboard abs. Whether you just want to look leaner or you want to get more definition for your abs, our Ultra-Body stomach spot treatment will get the job done. By targeting the Warm LED solely on the abdomen area for double the normal time of a standard treatment session, we can accelerate your fat loss to achieve more dramatic results. When you see the precision 3D before and after photos, immediately after your treatment, you will be amazed at how many inches of fat we took off. There is no other non-invasive technology that can remove that much fat immediately.

Love Handles

Love handles tend to be one of the most common and most frustrating type of fat to lose. Dieting won’t target it and exercise just builds muscle beneath it. Rest assured, Love Handles are extremely responsive to our Warm LED Ultra-Body treatment. Many men lose those the majority of the fat in their Love Handle area in 3 treatments.

Love Handles
Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

And those of you who have Bodies the rest of us only dream about, we get it, you are going for perfection. We can help by targeting areas to achieve more definition, expose more muscle and help you take your body to that next level. This can be one more tool to help you accentuate muscle development and provide a more ripped appearance by reducing the amount of remaining fat.

Target Treatment Before and after Photos

Precision 3D Photography Makes Results 100% Transparent

Regardless of what are you are targeting, you can experience fat loss across your entire treatment area. This is true Body Contouring. Prior to the start of each session we utilize a high tech Vectra 3D Body Imaging Camera to take a 3D body Photo. Once your Ultra-Body Spot session is complete, we will snap an after 3D Photo and the software will show you exactly how many inches you lost with precision and exactly where you lost it.