Target Trouble Areas…Sculpt Your Body

Have a trouble area you just can’t hit in the gym or with diet? When you work so hard to get that body you have always wanted, it can be frustrating to have a few Trouble Areas you just cant get rid of. Now you have a new weapon, Warm LED Ultra-Body Slimming Spot treatments. By targeting the Warm LED treatments on your trouble areas, we can achieve astounding results. Whether your personal trouble area is tummy fat, love handles or back fat, we can produce immediate, measurable results, with ZERO side effects and NO Pain. Warm LED removes more fat than other leading fat removal technologies and is the only device that can be used as often as you want, to get the results you want!

Results so consistently effective, for both Men and Women of all body types, that we can confidently GUARANTEE results! If you don’t lose at least 2 inches of fat across your treatment area on your first Ultra-Body Slimming treatment, your treatment is FREE!

Hard to lose Tummy Fat

If stomach fat is your trouble spot, it’s one of our specialties. Whether you spend hours at the gym to get that toned tummy you can be proud of, but can’t see the benefit of your hard work, or you just can’t seem to find the time to get to the gym, the Ultra-Body Slimming Spot treatment is just what you are looking for. With our Ultra-Body Stomach Spot treatment, we focus specifically on the fat around your stomach area and you can see measurable results after every treatment until you reach your goal.

Tummy Fat
Love Handles

Love Handles that just won’t go away.

Love handles tend to be one of the most common and most frustrating type of fat to lose. Dieting won’t target it and exercise just builds muscle beneath it. Rest assured, Love Handles are extremely responsive to our Warm LED Ultra-Body treatments. Many women lose those the majority of the fat in their Love Handle area in 3 treatments.

Get Rid of Back Fat & Sculpt a Strong Upper Body

Genetics, diet, and lifestyle factors all play a role in where your body stores fat. And most of your everyday movements like walking and carrying groceries work the front of your arms and your chest. This may make it difficult to know how to tone back muscles and target back fat. Back fat can appear in lower , middle or upper back and can make women self conscious about their bodies. If back fat is your biggest issue, we can help by targeting treatment directly on this fat, draining these fat cells, resulting a smoother appearance.

Back Fat

Client Before & After Pictures

Precision 3D Photography
Track Your Progress After Each Session

Regardless of what are you are targeting, you can experience fat loss across your entire treatment area. This is true Body Contouring. Prior to the start of each session we utilize a high tech Vectra 3D Body Imaging Camera to take a 3D body Photo. Once your Ultra-Body Spot session is complete, we will snap an after 3D Photo and the software will show you exactly how many inches you lost with precision and exactly where you lost it.